Fire Protection

9Are you facing problems with your fire protection system?

We install advanced fire protection system suitable for different kinds of buildings. Extensive research and development, along with rigorous fire testing, make “Home Security Pros” a very effective and reliable fire protection solution for you.

Fire safety is of paramount importance to our customers, and we offer an effective and durable solution while using significantly less water than traditional water based sprinkler systems. “Home Security Pros” is a global leader in fire protection, including fire detection, fire suppression, and fire control products. Our products set the standards for fire safety detection, prevention, and protection.

Our fire protection services include:

* Fire Extinguisher Inspections

* Kitchen Fire Suppression System

* Fire Sprinkler Systems

* Emergency Light Testing

* Fire Alarm Systems

* Fire Extinguisher Training

Routine fire protection maintenance is essential in order for you to be confident that your system will function when it is needed. Should you need emergency repair, we are available every day of the week at any hour. Our full-service, fully equipped technicians are experts in the installation of fire protection systems. Because they know how these systems are built, they know better than anyone on how to repair and maintain them.

Home Security Pros” company offers:

  • Computer generated Work Orders to insure the work is done when it’s due
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Radio dispatched trucks
  • High Quality services and products
  • Monthly and Quarterly inspections available
  • Employee owned- We care

We are devoted to protecting people, property and processes from everyday hazards and danger. People trust us to do that because we are experts in our field. And that trust is reinforced by the quality we instill in everything we do.

Contact usĀ  at (480) 435-9731 for further information and to schedule an appointment. “Committed to protect your valued assets”